Swap body

The swap body - also called swap container or swap body (WAB)

Special transport containers are needed to ensure smooth transport within Europe and, in particular, to make it bimodal, i.e. alternating between road and rail. The swap body, also called swap container or swap body (WAB), does just that. It conforms to standardized dimensions, with the length varying (6,250 mm or 7,150 mm), but the width (2,500 mm) and height (2,600 mm) remaining the same.

Unlike containers, the special feature of a swap body is that it cannot be stacked on top of each other. In order to enable handling of goods transported by means of such a transport container, so-called loading cranes are required. These are always used when switching between modes of transport (rail to road, road to rail).

Important: A swap body usually has several extendable support legs so that this type of transport container can be placed on or off each time. This only requires certain lifting devices on the chassis, so that an intermediate deposit is possible regardless of the auxiliary equipment available at the respective location.

Advantages in the use of swap bodies

  • Swap bodies form a standard in the cross-border transport of goods and merchandise within Europe, both in road and rail freight traffic
  • Swap bodies are suitable for high automation in storage, as they are designed for the size of Euro pallets
  • Swap bodies save time and also money due to simplified handling
  • Optionally, folding doors, rolling doors or similar. Additional modules can be inserted, depending on the industry
  • Typical applications such as the transport of sound and lighting equipment or concert equipment show how, for example, "mobile stages" can be created that can easily be converted back into a load carrier

Disadvantages of swap bodies

  • If applicable High financial outlay for adaptation to special requirements, for example when goods dimensions or maximum weights are exceeded
  • Higher purchase price combined with a manageable payload


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