Store economically

Store economically

Responsible use of resources is not only an aspect of external presentation, but increasingly a relevant business management factor in companies. Different aspects are weighted depending on the size and industry as well as the networking of the company. For example, the geographic location of a goods and warehouse site, for example if the company primarily handles goods by rail. The closer the production and storage areas are to such locations, the shorter the transport distances - and thus the resources needed to trigger distribution.

Another aspect relates to auxiliary and operating materials, such as materials for packaging or energy requirements in certain storage areas. Typically, these aspects are taken into account in the case of a completely new planning of storage areas; a redesign of older areas is only considered in a few cases.

More examples of sustainable, economical storage:

  • Selection of environmentally friendly packaging
  • Change of operating procedures in the sense of an increase in efficiency
  • Reduction of travel and search times
  • Extensive standardization of processes
  • Uniform marking of transport units and storage bins
  • Use of a warehouse management system


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