Storage systems

What are storage systems?

Nowadays, professional storage systems provide easy logistics and cost savings in the management of various goods and are indispensable in most industries. Storage is one of the most important components of intralogistics.

The basic task of any storage system is to ensure the flow of materials in the warehouse. Depending on the intended use, different bearing types are selected for bearing systems. Thus, for example, warehouses can be distribution, collection, distribution or also production, stock and spare parts warehouses. An efficient warehousing system ensures fast access times and short transport and walking distances, utilizes resources and increases handling performance, thus enhancing delivery flexibility and quality.

A warehouse system includes the control system, warehouse personnel, warehouse management to warehouse and conveyor technology. In the meantime, bearing designs exist for different areas of application. Among other things, a distinction is made between dynamic and static bearing systems.

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Logistik-Lexikon Lagersysteme

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