Storage bin labels

What are storage bin labels?

Storage location labels ensure that employees can quickly find their way around the warehouse, they serve as an organizational tool and identify storage locations, pallets, aisles and shelves. A smooth internal process must be created in the warehouse in order to be efficient and competitive and to be able to guarantee optimum adherence to deadlines. The warehouse environments also place high quality demands on the legibility of storage location markings and shelf labels.

What are labels made of?

Each label consists of the components liner, face material and adhesive. Storage bin labels can be used for all types of racking (pallet racking, flow racking, shelving) in the warehouse - the areas of application are therefore different. These are available in various sizes and colors; special formats can also be produced. The storage bin label is made of materials such as; TK paper, polyethylene, PVS, polyester, polysterol, Tyvek, textile and magnet. They are attached using adhesive, which can be removable or permanent. A magnet can also be considered. The special features of the storage location must always be taken into account. The surfaces must be cleaned and the adhesive must be tested for residues beforehand.


Logistik-Lexikon Lagerplatz-Etiketten


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