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What is a stacker crane?

In order to be able to serve goods stored higher up in a multi-level warehouse, special auxiliary equipment is used. These stacker cranes are mostly single-track rail-guided and can reach the top level even in a high-bay warehouse.

Stacker cranes, or in logistics also called RFZ (rack conveyors), come in designs ranging from six to a maximum of 46 meters. They can either be tied to a row of racks via a linear rail system or travel across the entire warehouse with the help of a switch system.

How are stacker cranes constructed?

The stacker cranes used in logistics consist of a combination of hoist and a lift carriage. In addition, a load handling device is also used, as the RFZs are not designed for transporting goods through the warehouse.

Stacker cranes usually consist of these components:

  • Chassis, mostly single track Rail guided
  • Mast, connection between the landing gear and the head crossbeam
  • Lifting sled, for the transport of the goods to be transported.
  • Head traverse, for removal from the shelf


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