What is the storage place?

A storage location is a spatial unit in the logistical storage of goods and merchandise of any kind. A storage location can be, for example, a storage space for pallets or a rack space in a high-bay warehouse.

The storage location and storage place are often used synonymously, but this is wrong. For example, while the storage bin describes a pallet location in the warehouse, the storage location is the entire warehouse.

How is a storage place allocated?

A storage bin for new goods can be assigned in two different ways:

  • Dynamic place system
  • Fixed place system

In dynamic warehousing, storage bins are assigned freely and are not permanently assigned to a specific good. The next best storage location is selected, which meets the requirements of the goods. Therefore, it is also called the chaotic storage.

In the fixed bin system, each item gets its own storage bin. This may then also not be occupied by other goods.


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