Stock transfer

What is the logistical transfer?

Stock transfer describes a logistical process that occurs mainly in the warehouse. Here, individual storage units are assigned to a more suitable storage bin and transported there.

Such processes can occur in any warehouse and also in any industry. Thus, relocations are taking place in trade, retail, industry and manufacturing.

What is the procedure for a transfer?

A stock transfer consists of several sections:

  • First, a loading unit or goods are identified for stock transfer.
  • Then this loading unit or goods are removed from stock as if they were being shipped.
  • The load unit or goods are then assigned a new, more suitable storage location. This can be decided on the basis of the ABC analysis or on the basis of other aspects.
  • The load unit or goods are now transported from the old storage bin to the new one and posted there in the warehouse management system.

The goal of stock transfers is to achieve the highest possible throughput. However, the specified guidelines for the storage of goods must always be observed.


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