Storage money

The storage fee is a form of service billing that is used when a retailer has rented storage space from a logistics service provider. The storage fee is paid to the service provider and depends on the weight of the goods, the storage area and the storage time. The camp fee can be settled through various services.

Warehouse charges settlement according to movement:

Warehouse charges are settled by the stock movements and the occupied storage bins. The seat data is evaluated and billing takes place after the expiry date.

Storage fee billing by parking space:

The days off are deducted from the total storage time as soon as the threshold value is exceeded.

Warehouse charges billing according to services:

Different services can be invoiced, such as e.g: Inventories, sample drawing or pallet wrapping. These services can either be contractually defined in advance or invoiced after the service has been provided.



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What is storage money?


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