SSCC number

What is an SSCC number?

An SSCC number, short for Serial Shipping Container Code, is used to identify shipping units. This number is unique worldwide and can be assigned to trading units of any size. In German, it is also called the shipping unit number.

SSCC numbers are usually displayed in the form of a barcode. This can be easily attached to any shipping unit and then scanned at any interface. Labeled units are for example:

  • Cartons
  • Packed pallets
  • Individual parts
  • Container
  • Mesh boxes

As each SSCC number can only be assigned once, it can be unambiguously identified by every company involved in the supply chain.

How is an SSCC number structured?

The SSCC number is an identification number consisting of 18 digits. It begins with a one-digit reserve number, followed by the individual global location number. A serial reference number is then assigned by the sender, followed by the check digit. This is also a single-digit figure. The check digit makes it possible to verify the correctness of the entire number.

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