Smart Control IPC

What is a Smart Control IPC?

Smart Control IPCs - data acquisition and control in industry

As in all sectors, many work processes in industry are now performed by computers - in this case smart control IPCs.

To meet the demands of industry, Smart Control IPCs have a few more advantages over conventional Smart PCs. For example, they are designed to be much more robust in order to withstand the environmental influences at the place of use. Many models also have retentive memory, which protects data even in the event of a power failure.

What tasks do Smart Control IPCs perform?

The Smart Control PCs used in industry can perform a wide range of tasks. These tasks include:

  • The control of automated work processes
  • The control of production and raw material flows in the plant
  • Data acquisition
  • Communication with the central data acquisition system
  • Use as a gateway for special industrial applications

The specific tasks that a Smart Control IPC takes on are decided individually depending on the area of application.


Logistik Lexikon Smart Control IPC

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