Shipping services

What is a shipping service?

Shipping services in logistics include all shipping services offered. These include, for example, courier services, parcel services and express services. However, shipping from a warehouse is also considered a shipping service. In warehouse logistics, the logistics company operating the warehouse usually handles the shipping of the stored goods.

What processes and tasks does a shipping service include?

When a shipping service is used by a customer, it involves many different processes. Which ones are really needed depends on the type of goods being transported and the shipping method.

For example, shipping services include:

  • The order acceptance
  • The removal of goods
  • The preparation for dispatch in the form of picking, palletizing and foiling of goods.
  • The issuance of all required documents
  • The organization of transport
  • The provision of the goods
  • The actual shipping and transport

If the goods are special goods, such as hazardous goods or special goods with excess dimensions or weight, additional processes are required.


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