Shipping methods

What types of shipping are there in logistics?

In logistics, a distinction is made between different shipping methods. The main differences between the various shipping methods are the costs incurred and the delivery time. This means that faster deliveries are usually more cost-intensive. But the type and nature (weight and dimensions) of the goods to be transported also play a role. Heavy and large parts of a machine, for example, often cannot be loaded in a normal truck and then require special heavy-duty transportation.

There are also different shipping methods for international shipments. Large individual parts may be transported in a general cargo freighter, while cardboard goods are transported in a container and expensive medical goods arrive at their destination by air freight.

The following shipping methods can be combined:

  • Same Day Deliveries (same day delivery)
  • Next Day Deliveries (delivery on the next working day)
  • International shipping
  • Express shipping
  • Courier services

The costs and delivery times vary greatly depending on the shipping method selected.

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