Shipping costs

What are shipping costs and what do they consist of?

The costs incurred by shipping in logistics are called shipping costs. As a rule, these cover all the work processes involved in dispatch processing. These processes include all activities that serve the distribution of goods and raw materials. This includes, for example, the removal of goods from storage, order picking and transportation.

What are the shipping costs made up of?

If a shipment is prepared for dispatch at the customer's request and then picked up and transported, a large number of cost centers can come together. This includes, for example:

  • Picking goods according to customer requirements
  • The choice of packaging for the goods
  • The packaging of the goods
  • The marking of all delivery units
  • The removal of all goods

In addition, the actual transportation can also be included in the shipping costs. If a shipping service is used, this can be invoiced as an individual item after execution. This means that the shipping costs are bundled and invoiced at a single price.

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