What happens during shipping and what are the shipping logistics?

Shipping is the logistical process in which goods and merchandise are transported from a warehouse to a receiving point. The actual shipping process is usually preceded by a number of steps. These include, for example:

  • Acceptance of a shipping order
  • The removal of goods from storage
  • Picking according to customer order

Shipping is an important process in the value chain and comprises many different processes.

What work processes are involved in shipping?

However, shipping does not only describe the transportation of goods from a warehouse. Shipping processing also includes the preparation of the goods to be shipped, such as the creation of a packing list. In addition, the goods must be prepared and marked in packaging suitable for transportation. These work steps usually take place in the outgoing goods area of a warehouse.

The selection of a mode of transportation such as truck or ship transport is also included in shipping. As soon as the goods are ready for transportation, they must be handed over to a carrier or forwarding agent.


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