Serial number

What is a serial number?

Serial numbers are used to uniquely identify goods and parts. They are always attached directly to the object and are assigned individually by each manufacturer. The aim is to be able to identify elements that have been installed or used in a series.

For example, it is possible to trace faulty parts directly to the end user. This enables the recall of goods. However, it is also possible to trace the part back to the actual manufacturer. Parts with a serial number can thus be traced from the source to the sink.

In logistics, serial numbers are primarily used to identify items in the warehouse. For example, the following information can be extracted from it:

  • Manufacturer
  • Production series
  • Production period

The serial number is also always listed in the article master.

Serial numbers for identification

But serial numbers are also used for identification purposes. This allows objects to be identified beyond doubt, which is particularly important for the transportation of third-country goods within the EU. But stolen parts or consumables can also be identified in this way.

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