Sales logistics

Sales logistics: definition and explanation of terms

The term sales logistics (also: distribution logistics) refers to all processes of distribution policy that ensure that goods are delivered from the company to the respective customer. The focus here is on all processes that are necessary to ensure the corresponding market supply. Sales logistics is organizationally located between the customer who demands a product and the upstream production logistics.

Tasks of sales logistics

The main tasks and functions of sales logistics include planning, execution and monitoring. All material flows and information flows that are necessary to bring goods to the desired destination at the desired time, in the desired quantity and quality are considered.

Sub-areas of sales logistics include

  • Order processing
  • Warehousing incl. Order picking
  • Packaging
  • Outgoing goods logistics
  • Transportation logistics

Objectives of sales logistics

The better a company is able to deliver goods and merchandise to the end customer in exactly the right form, the greater its competitiveness. Sales logistics plays a key role, particularly with regard to e-commerce, and is treated here primarily as a unique selling point. Efficient sales and distribution logistics often go hand in hand with lower distribution costs and a high level of service.


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