RMA number

RMA number

Depending on the industry and the type of distribution, companies may have to take back significant quantities of goods and allocate them properly within the merchandise management system. With the help of the RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization), an identification number exists for these purposes, which is assigned by the supplier and is typically communicated to the customer as a return number. Only with the help of the RMA number is a clean, i.e. internally (warehouse, etc.) as well as externally (invoice credit note, etc.) flawless return process possible.

An RMA number is based on a consecutive sequence of numbers or letters that can be specifically assigned to a return process (as well as the entire order process, if applicable). This makes it possible to call up all related documents, delivery bills and the like. Due to the RMA number, the complicated and above all time-consuming unpacking, identification, allocation and further processing of the return is no longer necessary - or is at least significantly simplified.

The advantages of an RMA number at a glance:

  • Structured, fully transparent return of goods
  • Documentation of the flow of goods and return processes
  • Analysis of returns (number, frequency, reasons), if a corresponding system is in place


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