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Return bill: All central information at a glance

Goods and merchandise that are taken back by the actual shipper even though they have already been to the recipient or on their way there are referred to as returns. The cause of returns is mostly physical (shipping damage, etc.) or contractual (incorrect delivery, deviating quality, etc.) - both the shipper and the recipient can be the initiator of returns.

In order to effectively control and take back these goods, certain information is needed. The return bill is therefore usually enclosed with deliveries of goods and contains the necessary information. Especially in the field of e-commerce, returns management, i.e. the entire processing of returns, is of central importance. The overriding goal is to satisfy customer needs. By returning an item or requesting a refund from the shipper, they will receive a replacement shipment, a credit for another purchase, or a refund of the amount paid.

Important: Since the end consumer has a statutory right of withdrawal in online business, there is a high rate of returns here in particular. The handling of such returned goods is complex and expensive, but can be controlled with the help of targeted process optimization and the use of modern software. The return note contains information such as the customer and item number, as well as other product-typical information that allows for better differentiation.


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