Resource Management

What is resource management?

Resource management helps ensure that a project is implemented on time and that resources can be used efficiently, effectively, and economically. Resources need to be carefully managed as they represent an expense for any business. Besides time and change management, resource management is one of the main functions of a project. Special tools can be used to monitor tasks, time and budget during a project.

What counts as resources?

Resources can be understood as everything that is required for the execution of a task in order to achieve a desired result and to successfully complete a project.on the one hand, the required personnel, such as internal and external employees and, on the other hand, material resources, such as machines, equipment, premises or vehicles. In the case of personnel resources, the focus should be on the utilization of employees, as capacities can shift due to vacation, sick days and buffer times. Similarly, there may be shortfalls in material resources that must be absorbed elsewhere.



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What is resource management?


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