What is the relationship in logistics?

In logistics, a relation describes a specific area to which a shipment is sent. Relations are mainly used in large distribution centers. If new goods and merchandise arrive there directly from a shipper or another logistics center, they are then redistributed according to their destination relations.

Each area is divided into a coarse relation and a fine relation. The coarse relation can be a city, for example, while the fine relation describes a specific truck route. Although the relations are company-specific, they apply to almost all of them:

  • They refer to zip codes
  • They reproduce a tour number

Relationships - An example

A shipment is picked up by the shipper and delivered to a distribution center with the destination relation 145. There, the consignment is bundled with all other consignments that have the coarse relation 1 and prepared for goods issue.

The 145 stands for:

  • 1 (rough relation) = Berlin
  • 45 (fine relation) = Neukölln tour number 45

The consignment can now be collected and transported with all other consignments destined for Berlin. Once it arrives at the Berlin distribution center, it is transported on tour 45 to Neukölln.


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