Rationalization potential

Rationalization potential in logistics: reducing costs

Efficient processes in logistics are essential, as this is where a significant part of the value chain takes place. With supply chain management, there is even an entire specialist discipline that turns over every stone and subjects the entire logistics chain to scrutiny. The core idea is that there is regularly potential for rationalization because processes change, workflows adapt and external factors (suppliers, etc.) have different effects.

As a great deal of capital is tied up in logistics, for example through stockpiling or generally small-scale warehousing, this is sometimes lacking at a crucial point in the company's development. With the help of newer technologies, processes can be visualized, success factors such as travel time and similar aspects can be displayed. aspects and analyzing ways to save time and costs.

Typical examples of rationalization potential in logistics:

  • Personnel deployment
  • Use of tools, operating resources and materials
  • Procedures and processes
  • Energy expenditure
  • Transport runs
  • Automation and mechanization
  • Flexible warehousing
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