Picking times

Picking times focus on both active activities and dwell times during the compilation of an order and have a decisive influence on picking performance. The following time shares are distinguished:

  • Picking travel times
  • Picking gripping times
  • Picking base times
  • Picking dead times

The travel time measures the time spent during the movement of an order picker from the acceptance of an order to the compilation and staging. The category of gripping time includes the time spent on physical operations such as gripping, picking up, moving and placing goods. Organizational processes before and after the completion of the picking process are recorded to determine the base time.

This includes sorting documents, providing vehicles or auxiliary equipment, and labeling. The associated effort speaks for the use of paperless picking. Dead time is time spent unproductively during manual commissoning. Nevertheless, operations such as searching, identifying, reading and checking are unavoidable and must therefore be included in the calculation of the (total) picking time.

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