Picking process

Picking methods in comparison

The selected picking method follows the picking strategy and ultimately decides on the individually suitable and installed picking system, which is often a combination of different techniques. Central distinguishing features are:

  • Single stage picking
  • Two-stage picking

During order-oriented single-stage picking, goods provided either statically or dynamically are assembled by the worker in a single round trip. In series-oriented two-stage picking - also called batch picking - on the other hand, customer orders are grouped together. In a first step, the employee removes article-pure partial quantities independently of the individual order. The second stage marks the final sorting of the goods to the respective orders. The advantage of this process over single-stage picking is that both the number of accesses and the amount of running can be reduced. A further shortened two-stage picking process can be implemented using automated sorting and distribution systems.

In the course of paperless picking, manually handled pick lists are no longer necessary. The most common methods currently used include pick-by-voice, pick-by-light, pick-by-MDE or pick-by-scan, pick-by-vision, and RFID (radio frequency identification).

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What is a picking process?



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