Picking panel

What is a picking panel?

Various tools are often used for picking goods in the warehouse. These facilitate the picking processes and thus increase efficiency and process quality. However, in addition to mobile computers, special picking panels can also be distributed throughout the warehouse. These are then usually found at important junctions such as gates or at the ends of shelves. They are used just like the picking computers for the following tasks:

  • Mobile data acquisition
  • Contact with the warehouse management system
  • Article location in the warehouse
  • Picking orders overview

The advantages of the picking panels

Picking panels have the same positive features as most picking computers. They can be operated with the finger or special touch pens, but also with gloves, which are often worn in the warehouse. The operation is relatively simple, so even the less tech-savvy can use it. Some models can be removed from their cradle and turned into mobile devices. WLAN is mostly used for communication with the warehouse management system.

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