Order picker

What is the job of an order picker?

In warehouse logistics, the job of an order picker involves putting together shipments according to customer requirements. This includes many different work processes:

  • Acceptance of the customer's picking order, in which the goods, the desired quantity and the desired content of the shipping units are listed
  • Picking the order
  • The goods inspection
  • Route planning in the warehouse to keep travel times low and efficiency high
  • The packaging
  • The operation of industrial trucks such as pallet trucks and forklift trucks

How does order picking work in the warehouse?

When the picker receives a new order, he usually creates a picking list in a warehouse management system. This determines the sequence of goods to be removed.
The picker now removes all the required goods from the warehouse and transports them to a picking station. These are then combined into one or more load units, usually on pallets. Finally, the entire shipment is made ready for dispatch and the outgoing goods are posted.


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