Pick list

What is a pick list?

If picking in a warehouse is not carried out with PDC devices, picking is usually carried out with the aid of a pick list. On this pick list, the warehouse personnel will find all information relevant to the fulfillment of the current order. In addition to information such as item description/number, storage location and the quantity to be picked, it can also optionally contain other information such as the manufacturer, weight, price or customer data. Even if picking in warehouses is often still done using this method, systems are usually sold where picking is supported by MDE devices. Although the pick list is simple and gives the warehouse staff a lot of freedom, the process is considered rather outdated.

The advantages of data-based picking are obvious. Warehouse personnel are shown all relevant information about the order quickly, easily and clearly, stock corrections and replenishments can be triggered directly and transmitted to the system, depending on the design, the warehouse personnel's hands are free and the number of incorrect picks can be reduced by various quality assurance measures, whether by scanning the location, entering a check digit or similar.

Alternatives to the pick list are for example:

  • Handheld devices (mostly with built-in scanner)
  • On-board computer on lifting scales or forklifts
  • Pick-by-Voice


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