What is pick-by-voice?

Pick-by-Voice has established itself as a system solution for voice-supported paperless picking. This method stands for maximum freedom of movement, as the worker always has his hands free during his work and can concentrate on the picking process without being disturbed. Initiated by the warehouse management system (WMS), the orders are transmitted to it via a voice client and reported directly back to the WMS after acknowledgement.

Hands-free working improves the ergonomics of the picking process and helps to optimize workflows. Another advantage is that time-consuming searching is no longer necessary, error rates can be reduced and picking performance increases. This results in improved delivery quality. Customer satisfaction increases, as does the efficiency of order picking.

As a complete solution, pick-by-voice systems can also be controlled via the control station and offer implemented picking strategies - something for route optimization. Renowned providers also have speaker-independent, multi-lingual pick-by-voice systems in their portfolio, which shorten the training period, do not require a deeper understanding of the process and increase the acceptance of this technology at employee level.

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