What is pick-by-light?

Pick-by-Light is one of the paperless picking processes where, instead of a pick list, the quantity of products to be picked is made visible to the picker via a compartment display directly at the picking compartment.


The compartment display on the removal compartment, is composed of an eye-catching light and an acknowledgement button. The employee can confirm the removal of the products and send the inventory change to the system in real time via the confirmation button. Depending on the system, there are also other functions:

  • Numeric or alphanumeric display so that the picker can read the quantity taken out
  • Correction keys such as +/-, so that corrections or inventories can be carried out
  • Sometimes also other special functions

Advantages of a pick-by-light system:

  • Quick to find and confirm
  • Complete and controlled
  • Safe stocks
  • Short learning time
  • On time and reliable delivery


Logistik Lexikon Pick by Light
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