Paperless picking

What is voucherless picking?

The paperless picking is a picking method in which the picker completes a picking order in the warehouse without using paper, e.g.: Picking slips, guide slips complete a picking order in the warehouse. Many warehouses cannot be operated fully automatically because they are characterized by individual orders and short delivery times. But wherever people work, mistakes are made, e.g. counting errors, mix-ups, incorrect picks or stock corrections that are not carried out. Paperless picking helps to stem the tide of paper and avoid reading errors. The trend is clearly moving towards paperless systems, as these simplify the work of warehouse workers and offer a wide range of picking techniques to choose from.

Forms of paperless picking:

  • Mobile data collection (picking via MDE)
  • Pick-by-Voice (picking by voice)
  • Pick-by-vision (picking via data glasses)
  • Pick-by-Light (picking by light signal)

Which form of paperless picking system is used depends heavily on the requirements of each company and must be tailored to the specific operational situation. In contrast to picking with a packing list, paperless picking offers you many advantages.

Advantages of paperless picking:

  • Cost savings
  • Documentation of all goods and material movements
  • Performance improvement
  • Higher efficiency
  • Improving the quality of delivery


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