Pallet rack

What is a pallet rack?

Pallet racks are used in logistics to store unit loads on loading equipment. These tools are usually pallets, but can also be, for example, lattice boxes. The good thing about them is that they can be loaded with a large number of different goods and are therefore independent of the industry. A warehouse with pallet racks can therefore serve many industries at the same time.

Pallet racks consist of uprights and storage compartment heights. The supports, also called uprights, are usually provided with a perforated grid. The subjects are then introduced into this. The different levels can thus be adjusted individually, allowing pallets loaded to different heights to be stored. When a pallet rack is over 12 meters high, it is called high rack.

How can pallet racks differ?

Pallet racks can be assembled and placed in different ways. This results in different storage systems:

  • The multi-space system in the warehouse: several pallets are placed next to each other in one compartment, which also allows space for wider loading aids
  • The single-station system in the warehouse: only one pallet goes on each storage bay


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