Outgoing goods

Outgoing goods process

A goods issue, which is carried out by the manufacturer, comprises the materials management process as an area process in logistics. This includes customers who order products from a particular company and then leave the production facility as a delivery of goods. Before the product leaves the company, it must first pass through several stations. The individual stations are as follows:

  • The packaging: The legal regulations such as packaging units, maximum weight and the different packaging sizes must be observed.
  • The loading: The type of shipment is taken into account here, e.g. via rail wagons, airplanes, ships or traditionally via trucks.
  • Delivery: Here, the capacity utilization of the means of transport and the deadlines planned by the customer must be taken into account.

On arrival, the goods are checked for completeness and damage so that any complaints or missing goods can be reported to the supplier. Another important aspect of outgoing goods is logistics controlling, which measures and controls outgoing goods postings and throughput times.

Companies that regularly send goods to customers for further use or consumption must keep separate records of outgoing goods. A goods issue book is used for this purpose.


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