Narrow aisle warehouse

What is a narrow aisle warehouse?

A narrow-aisle warehouse is a specific type of warehouse used in logistics and industry. This warehouse is characterized in particular by very narrow aisles between the individual rack and storage rows.

The special design of such a narrow-aisle warehouse is intended to keep the space requirement as low as possible. The aim is also to maximize internal handling capacity. In order to be able to implement this, however, the interfaces of conveyor vehicles in the warehouse and the floor itself still need to be optimally designed.

What are the advantages of a narrow-aisle warehouse?

A narrow-aisle warehouse offers the warehouse keeper a number of advantages:

  • Less space required for the aisles than with other types of storage
  • Large lifting heights possible
  • Ideal for optimal use of space

The structure of a narrow-aisle warehouse means that each pallet storage location can be accessed individually without having to move other goods first. This means that the stored goods can be handled according to the FiFo principle. Order picking is also possible directly in front of the shelves, even if the space is not ideal due to the narrow aisles.

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