Material flow controller

What are material flow controllers?

A material flow controller is used in warehouse logistics to control, analyze and monitor storage units and the conveyor equipment used. To do this, the LFS MFC continuously collects and analyzes information such as movement data.

A material flow controller LFS MFC is basically a computer that forms the link between the storage devices and the central management software. It can also be used to control and monitor fully or partially automated shelving systems. Data can also be collected from other conveyor technologies.

What tasks does a material flow controller perform?

An LFS MFC material flow controller fulfills several tasks in the warehouse. On the one hand, it can be used to control and coordinate the entire material flow in the warehouse.

The LFS MFC has many advantages over other warehouse management and control systems:

  • Flexibility in the networked trades, as systems from different manufacturers can be centrally networked and controlled
  • Practical when modernizing a warehouse, as the material flow controller can be quickly integrated into existing structures


Logistik-Lexikon Materialfluss-Controller

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