Material flow control

Material flow control definition

The term material flow control stands for the physical handling of goods movements of any kind. It coordinates and synchronizes all material and information flows required to provide goods at the right time, at the right place, in the required quantity and desired quality. Modern material flow computers (MFR) are connected via an interface to the higher-level, inventory-managing warehouse management system (WMS), which generates the transport orders and transmits them to the MFR. This in turn communicates - for example in automatically operated warehouse and distribution centers - via control command with the pallet and container conveyor technology, the stacker cranes and the packaging lines and offers parallel functions for permanent process visualization and transport optimization.

In direct interaction, the WMS and the MFR ensure the best possible utilization of all resources, a largely stable operating or plant condition - from goods receipt to picking to goods issue - and thus a throughput performance in line with demand. Today, mobile access is also possible via tablet or smartphone. For example, relevant key figures and statistics can be retrieved.

The system solution for your material flow - pL-MAT



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What is material flow control?



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