Master NVE

What is a Master NVE?

A master NVE is a shipping label that combines multiple NVEs (shipping unit number). So it is a superior shipping label. It enables simplification of the handling of several identical shipping loading devices.

The master NVE provides information about its subordinate NVEs, but not about their contents.

Where are Master NVEs used in logistics?

Master NVEs are mainly used in warehouse logistics for marking stored pallets and packing units, which in turn contain several subpackages with NVEs.


A sandwich pallet was packed in three layers with three different goods. Each of the loaded partial pallets has its own NVE sticker to identify the pallet. The entire sandwich pallet, in turn, was also marked, with the Master NVE sticker.

If the pallet is now moved, for example for storage or handling, only the master NVE label is scanned.


Logistik-Lexikon Master NVE

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