Management system

What are management systems in logistics?

As in most industries, logistics has systems that help plan and execute a wide variety of logistics processes. It does not matter whether the transport is carried out by ship, truck or airplane. There are also such systems for the storage of goods, for example, the warehouse management systems.

What functions do management systems have in logistics?

Management systems in logistics are always adapted to the exact purpose. Therefore, there is a large number of such systems, all of which are very individual. However, most management systems have the following core functions:

  • Site administration
  • Material master data management
  • Geodata management
  • Partner management (customers, suppliers, offices, etc.)
  • Order entry
  • Transport planning
  • Freight cost calculation
  • Track and Tracing

Furthermore, management systems can also have additional functions, which are then more specialized for different logistics areas. These include, for example, the possibility of customs clearance or returns processing. Quotation entry is also considered an add-on function.


Logistik-Lexikon Management System

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