What is the man-to-goods principle?

The man-to-goods principle is a picking method. The goods are provided statically. The picker must therefore go to the storage location of the goods independently, remove them and bring them back to the picking location.

Man-to-goods picking is particularly suitable for small orders with low volumes and weights. This is because the goods are usually removed without any aids and are not transported to the order picker. However, man-to-goods picking is also often used for rush orders, as it can almost always be used spontaneously and quickly.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of man-to-goods picking?

Man-to-goods picking has various advantages and limitations, depending on the quantity and integration into the processes.


  • Man-to-goods picking does not require large investments
  • Picking performance is relatively high with optimized picking paths


  • The order picker must always be on the move to remove goods, so this does not provide an ergonomic workplace for employees
  • Increased walking distances result in longer travel times


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