Logistics services

What is a logistics service?

Logistics services are services that cover all logistical and forwarding tasks. They can all be categorized into one of the four logistics systems:

Many companies transfer entire sections of their own value chains to logistics service providers in order to buy in expertise and reduce fixed costs.

What different logistics services are available?

There are a large number of logistics services that go far beyond simple truck transportation. These include, for example:

  • Local and long-distance truck transport
  • Sea freight
  • Air freight
  • Customs clearance
  • Incoming goods
  • Disposal / Waste
  • Courier and express services
  • Order picking
  • Warehouse logistics

Value-added services are also often offered in the field of warehouse logistics. These tasks are not directly logistical in nature, but are offered in connection with a logistics service, such as the returns processing of an online retailer in the warehouse.

Logistics services are offered by a large number of service providers who are in fierce competition with each other. As a result, prices for logistics services have fallen sharply over the years.


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