Logistics services

What are logistics services?

Logistics services encompass all tasks relating to the transportation and storage of goods and raw materials of all kinds, as well as all associated processes. All logistics services belong to one or more of the following logistics systems:

Since logistics services require a lot of specialized knowledge, companies nowadays often outsource the logistics parts of their own value chain. Specialized logistics companies therefore take care of transport and storage, for example.

What logistics services are available?

Logistics services now go far beyond the usual local truck transportation. For example, international transportation by sea or air is just as much a part of a logistics provider's portfolio as the storage of hazardous goods in special warehouses.

In warehouse logistics in particular, the logistics services offered are often supplemented by so-called value-added services. These do not have a direct logistical focus, but are contractually related to a logistics service. This includes, for example, the repair of goods stored in the warehouse.


Logistik-Lexikon Dienstleistungen

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