LFS Software

What is LFS Software?

LFS Softwares are management systems, which are used in the storage of goods. They do not stand for a single program, but rather for the intelligent networking of the entire warehouse management.

Thus, LFS software can be integrated in the warehouse and in areas close to the warehouse:

  • Tour handling via APP
  • Bundled planning and tracking of tours in one system
  • A storage cloud
  • Special hardware (such as servers)
  • Warehouse Management Software

Which tasks LFS software take over depends on the respective requirements. They can range from a simple warehouse management system to a fully networked warehouse.

What are the advantages of LFS software?

A warehouse that is intelligently networked with LFS software not only allows the entire logistics material and stored goods to be planned and controlled. Information, data and employees can also be included in the system.

The goal of LFS software is to document process flows and to optimize them in the process. Despite higher required investments, costs can be saved in the long term as a result.

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