What is an LFS ISS?

An LFS ISS is a special system used in logistics by logistics companies and forwarding agents. This International Shipping System assists in the handling of the shipment of goods.

The LFS ISS provides support for many different logistical processes. These include, for example:

  • Address validation
  • Shipment routing
  • Create and print shipping labels
  • Completion of the transit procedure

As soon as an LFS ISS is connected to the existing warehouse management system, it can already be used. When a new order is accepted, the ISS receives all the required information from the higher-level management system.

It creates an individual routing code based on the sender's address and the recipient's address. If the customer has booked an additional service, such as a delivery guarantee, this will also be encoded in the created code.

What are the advantages of the LFS ISS?

An LFS ISS offers many advantages for the user. It can be used to reduce ongoing operating costs by optimizing work processes. In addition, numerous forwarding and CEP service providers can be selected directly via the system, which can carry out the transport.


Logistik-Lexikon LFS ISS

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