Item number

What is an article number?

Nowadays, many products and goods look confusingly similar. Usually, only a small detail distinguishes them, such as the size or the color. In order to be able to identify each article without any doubt, the article numbers play a decisive role.

Article numbers identify the respective article, allowing it to be categorized and differentiated. Each of these numbers is only assigned once so that mix-ups can be ruled out. Article numbers are also irreplaceable for merchandise management systems in order to plan stock, production and delivery.

The article number in logistics - what is it used for?

Article numbers are not only very important in retail and production. They also play a key role in logistics and have become indispensable. It is required for these logistical processes:

  • Storage
  • Inventory
  • Interface controls
  • Customs clearance

In most cases, especially in a warehouse, the goods can only be conclusively identified using the article numbers. It is therefore important that these are always specified for stock orders.


Logistik-Lexikon Artikelnummer

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