Item number

What is a part number?

Many products and goods today look confusingly similar. Most often they differ only a small detail, such as size, or color. In order to be able to identify each article without any doubt, the article numbers play a decisive role.

Article numbers identify the respective item, allowing it to be categorized and differentiated. Each of these numbers is assigned only once, so that confusion can be ruled out. Article numbers are also irreplaceable for merchandise management systems in order to plan inventory, production and delivery.

The article number in logistics - What is it used for?

Article numbers are not only very important in trade and production. They also play a central role in logistics and have become indispensable. It is needed in these logistical processes:

  • Storage
  • Inventory
  • Interface controls
  • Customs clearances

In most cases, especially in a warehouse, goods can only be conclusively identified by means of the article numbers. Therefore, it is important that these are also always specified for stock orders.


Logistik-Lexikon Artikelnummer

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