IP69k protection class

What protection class is IP69k?

IP69k simply explained: The highest standard against dirt and moisture

Components within industry, particularly with regard to the functionality of industrial PCs (IPCs), have to withstand a wide range of loads. It is not only certain industries that require compliance with high standards, but also the longevity of the product itself. In the course of this, norms and standards are continuously being developed, which the interested reader is probably familiar with as the so-called "protection class". IP69k is another such protection class which, due to its design, is important in sectors such as the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as in mechanical engineering.

IP69k: What exactly is behind this abbreviation?

There are regular work areas in which dust, dirt or moisture cannot be prevented from being transferred to work equipment. Corresponding requirements must be met in order to guarantee the performance of industrial PCs, for example. One instrument for labeling products accordingly are so-called protection classes such as IP69k. They quantify the degree of protection that comes with it - in relation to the housing or the ability to effectively protect against damaging elements such as liquids. The protection class can therefore be used to determine whether the electronics behind it can actually be protected in the context of the application.

Definition of IP69k: Special protection is required in particular where high pressure conditions prevail or temperatures are present. IP69k is defined on the basis of the DIN 40050-9 standard valid in Germany. IP stands for "International Protection" and specifies limit values that certified products must comply with. Each letter has a specific meaning. 6 stands for "dust-tight", 9 denotes "protection against water ingress during high-pressure/steam jet cleaning" and K accordingly for "protection against high temperatures (hot water)".

IP69k in the context of industrial PCs: Why all the effort?

Unlike traditional personal computers (PCs), whose construction is rather fragile or not particularly robust, industrial computers (ICs) are designed for special loads. We are talking here about extreme environmental influences (temperature, pressure load, etc.), which are treated in such a way that they do not affect the functionality of the industrial PC.

IP69k offers all-round protection against dirt and moisture as standard. It stands for the highest protection class for electrical equipment, allows the use of high-pressure cleaners and prevents the ingress of liquids, dust, steam or damage caused by contact with solid objects.

An overview of the main advantages and aspects of protection class IP69k, which was introduced in 1993:

  • Designed for high-pressure jet cleaning and high temperatures
  • Test conditions for certification: pressure of 100 bar, water flow rate of 15 l/min, temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, distance of the nozzle to the object of 10 cm
  • Reduced cleaning effort, as no special requirements need to be met thanks to IP69k

In short: In the context of industrial PCs (IPC), IP69k ensures that dust and moisture, impacts, vibrations or shocks, electrical or electromagnetic interference as well as extreme temperature fluctuations have no effect on the functionality of the system. This is why we at proLogistik have focused precisely on this standard when developing the new stainless steel IPC "pro-V-pad Steel IP69k".

Areas of application for industrial PCs with IP69k certification

Harsh, difficult production environments are often found in areas such as the food sector or other segments where absolutely hygienic conditions are essential. Accordingly, a completely closed, watertight system is required - on the one hand to ensure functionality, and on the other hand for comprehensive cleaning and disinfection.

We would therefore like to briefly introduce you to areas of application in which the IP69k protection class is indispensable:

  • Food production
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Clinical applications
  • Manufacturing industry in general, including beverage production

Important: IP69k is so relevant because spray pressure is often used in such areas. Without an appropriate level of protection, the components used here would potentially be at risk of damage - resulting in production downtime or restrictions, for example due to sensor inaccuracies. As it is also easier to clean components such as industrial PCs, investing in IP69k-certified products quickly pays for itself.


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