Inventory security

For optimal warehouse management, inventory security plays a major role. Expiration date management ensures that there are no perishable or safety-risk goods in the warehouse. The performance of a company stands and falls with the performance of the warehouse. As an example in the food sector, inventory security starts at goods receipt with precise MHD and remaining shelf life monitoring, through batch recording and tracing, to picking with weight handling or temperature recording.

Inventory security also plays a major role in other sectors, such as technical wholesale. Here, a store is integrated at the warehouse so that the customer who is directly on site can be supplied at short notice and the correct stock is available.

Inventory loss is often unavoidable. Causes for this can be theft, incorrect incoming goods inspection (incoming goods inspection), incorrectly stored goods or the goods were not booked but shipped. These causes and others can jeopardize the security of the stock.


Logistik-Lexikon Bestandssicherheit

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