Industry Tablet PC

Industrial Tablet PCs - the rugged cousin of the tablet

Tablets are used in most industries and work processes today. So-called industrial tablet PCs are used in the vast majority of production facilities. These have the same advantages as normal tablets, but also some additional ones:

  • A wide range of possible applications thanks to a wide range of software
  • Lightweight and space saving
  • Easy handling
  • Available with different operating systems (Windows, Android)

In addition, industrial tablet PCs are often much more sturdily built.

This allows them to withstand all kinds of environmental influences that are common in the industry:

  • Strong heat and cold
  • Humidity and splash water
  • Higher risk of falling

In addition, many of these tablets are also equipped with a barcode scanner, which means they can then also be used as an MES terminal.

With these advantages, industrial tablet PCs are used in many places. Above all, they are ideally suited for use in the open air and are therefore often found on construction sites. But they are also often used in production halls or warehouses and coupled with the data processing systems used there.


Logistik-Lexikon Industrie Tablet PC

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