Industrial PC

What is an industrial PC?

They are rather inconspicuous and yet they are essential for smooth processes in logistics and production: industrial computers (IPC). Typical areas of application for these all-rounders are plant engineering and machine tool construction as well as warehouses. But they also play a central role in the organization of transports by rail, truck and air freight. The devices ensure reliable data acquisition, generate the required information and visualize it as well as entire processes. In view of this range and depth of functions, industrial PCs are also predestined for system control or for applications in test benches.

Processes and costs at a glance

In intralogistics, industrial PCs are used in combination with a warehouse management system - as a mobile solution in the form of forklift terminals or stationary at the control station. A lot is demanded of them. Permanent jolts and vibrations are the rule, especially when maneuvering. To withstand this, a high level of mechanical stability is essential. In outdoor applications, environmental influences such as heat or cold are added. At the same time, the industrial PCs must be largely immune to dust and the ingress of moisture.

Industrial PCs stand for resilience and reliability

Robustness and reliability combined with powerful computer units are also required for system control. In this business-relevant sector in particular, an error-free display of processes, actual states and procedures in real time is essential for maintaining productive operations. The industrial PC computers used here form the brains of the system. This is where all the information comes together, is bundled, processed and displayed to the operator. Zoom techniques and the ability to show and hide additional information increase the speed of reaction - for example, in the case of warnings. An industrial-grade, i.e. robust and vibration-resistant housing protects the color TFT display, which facilitates operation in conjunction with a multi-touch function.

Quality under control

In the area of process visualization, industrial PCs are used in quality management, process and automation technology or in the field of research and development (R&D). The focus here is on real-time display and simulation in order to detect possible errors in the processes at an early stage and prevent malfunctions. Recorded physical variables, such as flow velocity, flow rate, temperature, force, acceleration and deceleration, current, pressure, etc., are displayed on the industrial PC. The user can now intervene immediately in the process via the touch interface, for example by changing values, enabling processes or managing recipes.

Qualitative and safety-related aspects

In production measurement technology, too, there are qualitative and safety-related aspects that speak in favor of the use of industrial PCs. Here, the database is evaluated, logged and reported back to the production planning system (PPS). A 100 percent control is possible, as all details, such as dimensions, units, shape and surface, are strictly documented, from design and production through to delivery of the goods.



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