High quality industrial computers

What are High Quality Industrial Computers?

What are high-quality industrial computers needed for?

Both standard office computers and high-end industrial computers perform basically the same functions: controlling processes, collecting data, and applying systems and programs. However, industrial computers have to be able to withstand a lot more, especially in terms of hardware. These include, for example:

  • Humidity (spray and jet water, condensation)
  • Large temperature differences
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Dirt and dust

In order to withstand these influences, special components are installed, such as powerful fans or special housings that are impermeable to dust and water.

Where are high-quality industrial computers used?

High-quality industrial computers are used wherever commercially available alternatives would not last long. These include primarily the production plants and warehouses, but also belly locations, for example. The computers can then be attached to a machine or used in the form of a mobile device such as a tablet, depending on the task at hand.


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