Hazardous goods warehouse

The dangerous goods warehouse - storage place for hazardous substances

There are substances that can pose a particular danger to both the environment and us humans - both during transport and storage. Therefore, these hazardous materials must be stored in a special place, the hazardous materials warehouse.

Such storage facilities must meet special requirements. These differ depending on the dangerous goods class of the stored substances and goods.

Which substances are stored in a dangerous goods warehouse?

All hazardous materials must be housed in a hazardous materials storage facility. These include, for example:

  • Acids
  • Gases
  • Gasoline
  • Batteries

What must be taken into account in dangerous goods warehouses?

If these are stored in a dangerous goods warehouse, some things must be observed. For example, there are certain prohibitions on storing different dangerous goods together. Additionally, each hazardous material places different demands on the hazardous materials storage facility.

There are many things to consider when storing hazardous materials. These include:

  • Which hazardous substance is stored
  • Whether different hazardous substances may be stored together
  • What safety requirements the hazardous substance has

Are there quantity limits for storage and transport?

A hazardous materials warehouse may not be of any size, but has a maximum size. If non-hazardous goods are also stored in the same storage building, there must be a physical separation between the two. In addition, the building or premises must be equipped with suitable security devices and the employees must be professionally trained.

The Dangerous Goods Directives specify all aspects of both the storage and transportation of hazardous materials.


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