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What is a handheld scanner?

A handheld scanner is used to optically scan a printed document and convert it into digital information. The handheld scanner is a handy device that is slid over the printed original by hand. The templates are to be captured with a width of approx. 20 cm. For larger originals, this is digitized by multiple scanning. In order for the user to achieve useful results, a steady hand and a steady speed are required.

Handheld scanners are now rarely used for documents and photos. They are frequently used for non-graphic applications, e.g., as barcode scanners, and are used at picking stations and in checkout areas. Nowadays, handheld scanners offer their users increased convenience and, through the integration of processors, have block keyboards and mini-displays as well as the possibility of pre-processing the data.



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What is a handheld scanner?


Logistik-Lexikon Handscanner

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