GTIN number

GTIN number

The GTIN number is a so-called identification number that is used to identify trading units. GTIN stands for "Global Trade Item Number" and originates from the GS1 system (formerly EAN system), which is responsible for internationally recognized standards for cross-company processes. The special thing about the GTIN number is the fact that this standard is recognized worldwide and can be used, for example, for goods, transport units or other "features" for unique identification.

The predecessor of today's GTIN number was the so-called EAN number until 2005, which was gradually replaced. A typical GTIN number can be found in everyday life, particularly in the form of a barcode that encodes the number and can also be read as an RFID tag, for example.

Structure of the GTIN number

Depending on the format - GTIN-14, GTIN-13, GTIN-12 or GTIN-8 - there are different number strings with eight, twelve, 13 or 14 digits. Each GTIN number has a so-called GS1 base number or GS1-8 prefix and is read as a complete number, whereby the so-called check digit is used to ensure that the entire sequence of digits has been reproduced correctly.

GTIN numbers are also relevant because there are different GS1 member companies that assign a corresponding GS1 base number under license. Companies can now assign their own GTIN numbers for products.


GTIN Nummer

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